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Everything you wanted to know about Latin but were afraid to ask:

These are just a few of the topics covered in Latin for Everyday Life, an all-new approach to learning Latin specifically aimed at adults.

Most Latin textbooks are designed for school use and focus almost exclusively on literary Latin texts from the Classical age. Latin for Everyday Life is different. This book places special emphasis on the Latin that is all around us today: Latin epitaphs and inscriptions, Latin for Gardeners, Doctors and Lawyers, Church Latin, Latin Hymns and Carols, mottoes, familiar phrases and abbreviations, and much more.

Including a detailed summary of Latin grammar, as well as a full vocabulary, Latin for Everyday Life provides a solid grounding in the fundamentals of the Latin language. Beginning with short, familiar phrases, readers are encouraged to attempt their own translations of key Latin texts throughout the book.

Latin for Everyday Life presents Latin as anything but a ‘dead’ language with no relevance to the present. It shows how the language is thriving in contemporary English, as well as still being prominently on display all around us.

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