published by The History Press (Feb 2009)

Annus Mirabilis is the follow-up to the successful Annus Horribilis, broadening and deepening the exploration of Latin from everyday life begun in the first book, and providing more intellectual stimulation to those whose love of Latin remains unsated!

An exploration of ‘everyday’ Latin from antiquity to the present-day, Annus Mirabilis significantly extends the scope of topics covered in its predecessor. But the user-friendly, unstuffy style remains the same. Ancient Roman curses from Bath Spa and letters from Hadrian’s Wall are at one end of the spectrum, at the other are fascinating extracts from the works of post-Renaissance Latinists including Copernicus, Descartes, Joseph Addison and Samuel Johnson. Inbetween you will find an exploration of Latin poetry, both sacred and profane, hymns and verse epitaphs, and letters from Cicero, Augustus, Heloise, Erasmus, Petrarch, Smollett and Sterne among others. All texts are accompanied by in-depth notes, there is a grammatical index and English translations too.

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Chapter 1: Curses, Coins and Invitations 
Chapter 2: Lyrical Latin 
Chapter 3: Verse Epitaphs 
Chapter 4: Classical Letters 
Chapter 5: Later Letters 
Chapter 6: Neo-Latin Prose 
Chapter 7: Neo-Latin Poetry 
English Translations 
Appendix: Useful Grammar 

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